• Bilingual: English and French.

• Policy analysis: writing, drafting reports and guidelines, and policy recommendations.


• Legal analysis: on international human rights standards, recommendations for reform and democratization.


• Research: interviews, collecting and analysing data, coding skills (for social science projects) and creating a coding questionnaire based on a set of human rights indicators, training of the coders.

• Collaboration with international organisations & national governments: in-depth knowledge of the legislative process of the European Union and its institutions, the U.N. Human Rights Council and advocacy strategies towards national governments, in particular the U.S. Government.


• Media: Op-eds, TV and radio, press releases, public speaking, relationship-building with journalists, monitoring and outreach tailored to local contexts and media, speech writing (English and French).


• Coalition-building and advocacy: ability to leverage connections with a wide range of stakeholders (high-level government officials, diplomats, NGO leaders, journalists, human rights defenders, academics, lawyers, think tanks, law-enforcement, the private sector or faith leaders).


• Training, lectures, teaching: workshops to targeted audiences and University lectures or seminars given on international human rights standards.