• Joelle Fiss

The Persecution of the Bahá í in Iran

Delighted to have participated in a hearing hosted by the European Parliament and Baha'i International Community on Iran’s state-sponsored persecution of its largest religious minority in the country.

According to my research:

-Iran’s anti-blasphemy law is drafted as the most dangerous one in the world, which sheds light on the state’s intent.

-On paper, it sanctions insult to religion through the death penalty, openly discriminates against groups and actively protects its state religion.

-In practice (in terms of implementation of the law) it comes at the #2nd most dangerous in the world (after Pakistan).

-Iran is one of the 4 countries where state officials are responsable for violence (torture, cruel or inhuman treatment) - together with Pakistan, Algeria and Egypt.

-Iran is one of the top #3 countries where there are the highest number of cases implicating social media (in order of importance: Russia, Iran, Egypt).

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